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 RULES || You shall not...

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RULES || You shall not... Empty
PostSubject: RULES || You shall not...   RULES || You shall not... I_icon_minitimeFri May 13, 2011 2:02 pm

As written by the dictator of the place – credit to Heechul

-Account. You need to register with the name of your celebrity or character. No name like “AmazingQueen09” are allowed. More explanations HERE

-Avatars. 320x200, so the red rectangle doesn’t look out of place and for esthetical purposes. More infos HERE

-Presentation. We ask you to do your presentation the quickest possible. Anyone who spends too long without posting the presentation or warn an admin can lose his privilege of doing this celebrity.

-Rplaying. Please don’t do until your presentation is in the “Accepted” section. You can learn to know other members through games or member intros, though.

-Two roles. If you DO play a second account, we want it to be equally used as the first one.

-Double posting. Not admitted unless your reply is too long to be contained in 1 post… or to revive the flood at a certain extent

-Realistic. You need to follow your celebrity’s real life to a certain extent. For example, Han Geng shouldn’t come back into SME, right?

-Drama. Goes with the last one. Don’t overdo it, since it can get on other players’ nerves. There is a difference between being clumsy and almost dying every week. There is also a difference between having a problem and being affected by it and sitting in a corner to wail all the time. We trust your judgement, as moderation is the key.

-Out-RP comments. Please do not over flood your RP posts with comments. A few are okay, but if we have parenthesis everywhere, there is a problem.

-NC-17 topics.
Allowed, however please be logical with those. If you do only that and nothing else… Go to a forum specialised in that. The topic should be marked as “hot” in the title.

-Respect. We won’t tolerate a single mention that could be racist, homophobic, sexist, violent or even rude. We can understand that in roleplaying, certain characters could have a few words that could be mean, but please keep it soft.

-Language. Please write in the best English possible. That means no SMS language, means to do the capital letters and please the punctuation marks when we need them… We understand English is not the first language of many (two admins included) but we ask you to do your best. If you have problems with your English, there is an help topic HERE

-Absences. Please warn us or we’ll think you’ll left us for good! We wouldn’t want to delete you while you want to come back!

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RULES || You shall not...

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