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 CONCEPT || Korean Entertainment World

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PostSubject: CONCEPT || Korean Entertainment World   CONCEPT || Korean Entertainment World I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 25, 2011 3:48 pm


2011, the Korean Music Industry has never been as active as these last years, right?
Look, tons of idols, lots of new bands and solo singers. But same goes for actors, CMs and so on...

You fans love to imagine your Idols' life, what about writing it? Just like a fanfic you are the part of.
Yes, a RPG who is based on the Idols' life (their fans, staff members and all as well). You can make your chosen idol do whatever you want to, with whoever you want etc...

Just as long as you respect the main rules!

How does it work?
Okay, it will be hard to explain lol.

You have to do a post/message where you write what your character is doing at the place he is at. The person you are playing with will have to answer after you, saying what his/her character is doing. Then, you will have to answer again and so on.

Example :
I, Ha Min Woo, decided to play with Hwang Kwang Hee. I ask the person who takes the role if it's okay. Let's say she/he accepts.

We both decided to act a scene in the dorm. So I look for "Home" Category and ZE:A's dorm. There, I start a new topic. I write whatever I want to.

    Ex: "Min Woo was bored to death and didn't have any schedules. Therefore, there really was nothing to do on the dorm. Most of the members were out... [...] He sat in front of the TV and started to watch it."

Hwang KwangHee will answer just below, sending an answer after the first message.

    Ex: "I was out, since I was a guest at Strong Heart. It was really funny, especially since there was EunHyuk sunbae and LeeTeuk sunbae. I had to dance like a crazy person, kkab, as always. Jo Kwon joined as well. Yeah, it was so much fun. [...] Now I was heading to the dorm. When I entered, I took off my shoes and went in the living room. There, was Min Woo, watching TV alone. He hadn't heard me so I decided to scare him by screaming all of the sudden :

    KwangHee ▬ "I AM HOOOOOOME!!!"

I will have to answer again and so on until we put a end to it (you decide when you want to stop it, finishing by "Min Woo went to sleep" or "Kwang Hee had to go out again, so he said bye to his dongsaeng". These are examples).

You can be two, three and more but take turns ^^ Decide when each one should answer (Ex: Yoseob first ; DooJun second ; Dong Woon third ; JunHyung fourth ; and Yoseob again ; DooJun etc...).

YAOI + YURI pairings are allowed ^^
Hot/rated topics as well but put a "[R]" / "[HOT]" / "[RATED]" in the title!
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CONCEPT || Korean Entertainment World

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