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PostSubject: INTRODUCTION FORM   Fri May 13, 2011 11:36 am


Copy the WHOLE code below ^^ and start a NEW topic. Paste the code and fill the form =)
Then, the STAFF members will check the form and if it's alright, they would VALIDATE you. It's not really long except for the story.

You can post/send your Introduction even if it's not finished yet.
You have a week to complete the form ^^ So you can take your time but not too much!

[center][font=Verdana][size=24]<div style="border-bottom:grey dotted 5px">CHARACTER'S NAME</div>[/size][/font]


[list]<div style="border-bottom:firebrick dotted 2px">[size=18]I - IDENTITY[/size]</div>

[b]| FAMILY NAME:[/b]
[b]| NAME:[/b]
[b]| D.O.B.:[/b] MONTH/DAY/YEAR
[b]| AGE:[/b]
[b]| PLACE OF BIRTH:[/b]
[b]| ORIGINS:[/b] (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, American etc...)
[b]| GROUP:[/b] [] Idol [] Fan [] Agency's Staff Member [] Trainee [] Inhabitant (tick the right answer)
[b]| AGENCY:[/b] Your agency if you are an Idol, Staff Member or Trainee (SM ent, YG family, JYP, Cube etc...)

[b]| IF BAND, WHICH ONE?[/b] (the band your character is in)
[b]| KIND OF MUSIC/ARTIST:[/b] (examples: K-POP ; ROCK ; HIP-HOP etc...? Or are you an Actress, Model etc...?)
[b]| IF BAND, THE POSTION :[/b] (Main Vocal, Leader, Lead Dancer etc...)
[b]| STAGE NAME:[/b]

<div style="border-bottom:firebrick dotted 2px">[size=18]II - DETAILS[/size]</div>

[b]| YOUR STORY:[/b] (Write 10 lines or more about your character's past, his/her family, her/his current work etc...)

[b]| RELATIONSHIPS:[/b] (Who do you know/like/hate...?)

[b]| HEIGHT:[/b]
[b]| HOBBIES:[/b]
[b]| LIKES & DISLIKES:[/b]

<div style="border-bottom:firebrick dotted 2px">[size=18]III - NEEDS[/size]</div>

[b]| Do you want a Twitter?[/b] (if yes, make up a false one or write the real one, example for Lee DongHae ; I'd put "@donghae861015")
[b]| Do you want a Cyworld?[/b] (if yes, same)
[b]| Phone Number:[/b] ### #### #### (replace by numbers ; make it up)
[b]| Others?[/b]

[b]| Do you have your own house? Or do you live in a dorm?[/b]
[b]| If you have your own house, do you live with someone?[/b] (parents, friends, family...?)
[b]| If not, do you seek roommate/flatmate?[/b]

THE END![/list]
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