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 Lee Jinki / Onew - SHINee

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PostSubject: Lee Jinki / Onew - SHINee   Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:05 am



    | FAMILY NAME: Lee
    | NAME: Jinki
    | D.O.B.: 12/14/89
    | AGE: 21
    | PLACE OF BIRTH: Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
    | ORIGINS: Korean
    | GROUP: [x] Idol [] Fan [] Agency's Staff Member [] Trainee [] Inhabitant
    | AGENCY: SM Entertainment / EMI Music Japan

    | SOLO OR BAND ARTIST? Band Artist
    | IF BAND, THE POSTION : Leader, Main Vocal
    | STAGE NAME: Onew


    | YOUR STORY: When he was growing up, he was fairly well off because his parents owned a meat shop. He was a good kid because when he was young, he felt bad for always playing a game at a nearby shop for free all the time, so he bought the game. He used to be a quiet kid who didn't make many friends. In his senior year, he was #2 not only in his grade, but also in his entire school. All throughout his school life, he sang, and he was asked if he would become a singer, but his answer was always no.

    However, in the 2006 S.M. Academy Casting, he was accepted as a trainee. After two years of training, he debuted as SHINee's cheerful, clumsy, funny (Onew Sangtae anyone?) leader. He is known for his contagious and bright smile and his smooth voice.

    Besides his career with SHINee, he collaborated with Lee Hyun Ji for her song "Vanilla Love" and sang "One Year Later" with Jessica of SNSD for their mini-album Tell Me Your Wish. He was on the reality shows YunHaNam and Hello Baby with the rest of SHINee. He played a part in the musical Brothers Were Brave alongside Lee Ji Hoon and starred in the musical Rock of Ages as the lead role, Drew. He became an MC on KBS’s Yahaengsung, and MBC’s Show! Music Core with fellow member Minho. On SBS's show Dalgona, he has started to become a regular panel member. And finally, he made a cameo as a clumsy doctor in the final episode of the drama Dr. Champ.

    Today, Onew is working towards becoming known in Japan as well as Korea with their Japanese versions of their hit singles.

    | RELATIONSHIPS: Close to members, Lee Joon and G.O. of MBLAQ, Junhyung of B2ST

    | HEIGHT: 177cm
    | HOBBIES: Singing, finding new music, practicing, piano
    | LIKES & DISLIKES: Giraffes, yellow, food, SHINee


    | Do you want a Twitter? @leejinkidubu
    | Do you want a Cyworld? Twitter is enough. ^_^
    | Phone Number: 031 2643 1093
    | Others? me2day.net/shinee_onew

    | Do you have your own house? Or do you live in a dorm? Dorm
    | If you have your own house, do you live with someone? SHINee members
    | If not, do you seek roommate/flatmate?

    THE END!
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Lee Jinki / Onew - SHINee

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