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 Welcome to Brii~

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Lee Jinki
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Welcome to Brii~ Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Brii~   Welcome to Brii~ I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 03, 2011 6:18 am

Hello. Smile

My name is Krisztina, and I'm 16. I've been really into K-Pop since July but I've known about it for much longer than that. It's SHINee's fault that I'm so obsessed now. xD I live in Illinois, US. I like all things Asian, though I'm most familiar with Japanese because of six years of anime and manga. Razz Personally, though, I'm not Asian, I'm Hungarian.

As for K-Pop, SHINee is definitely my #1 and Onew is my ultimate bias, so that's why I chose to roleplay him. I hope I do him justice. ^^" I probably won't be as funny as him though... >< My #2 is MBLAQ and my bias there is Mir. ♥️ My favorite girl groups are Miss A (bias: Suzy) and 2NE1 (bias: Minzy).

I'm online nearly every day so I'll be sure to keep up with the roleplaying. ^^ I hope we get along. Very Happy
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Park Jungmin
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Welcome to Brii~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Brii~   Welcome to Brii~ I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 18, 2012 11:15 am

Hey *wave*
I live in Illinois too and I too like SHINee (though the first band to get me into K-POP was DBSK followed by Super Junior so now I'm more E.L.F than Cassie but I'm both among a slew of others lol ).

Onew is my SHINee bias so it's awesome to meet a fellow MVP such as myself.
Mainly because he and I are alike in sooo many ways, both love chicken and both of us suffer from the 'onew condition' lol.

My ulitmate bias in k-pop is Eunhyuk from Super Junior.

My MBLAQ bias though was Mir till Joon joined him at Number one and since I can't decide they both are number 1 hahaha

And in miss a Suzy's my bias as well and Minzy is also my bias in 2ne1.....

It's cool to meet someone with the same bias's as mine however dispite Leeteuk oppa and Heechul oppa, everyone mentioned is a dongsaeng to me. All would be my younger siblings. LOL lol

Have fun~~ Talk to you later
CJ/Unnie (whichever your more comfortable calling me.)
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Welcome to Brii~

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