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 Han Geng [inprogress]

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PostSubject: Han Geng [inprogress]   Sun May 22, 2011 6:37 pm



    | FAMILY NAME: 韩 Han
    | NAME: 庚 Geng
    | D.O.B.: 02.09.1984
    | AGE: 27
    | PLACE OF BIRTH: Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, People’s Republic of China
    | ORIGINS: Chinese of Hezhe descent (one of China’s 55 ethnic minorities)
    | GROUP: [x] Idol [] Fan [] Agency's Staff Member [] Trainee [] Inhabitant
    | AGENCY: None

    | IF BAND, WHICH ONE? Former Super Junior member, still considered as one by many.
    | KIND OF MUSIC/ARTIST: Mandopop
    | IF BAND, THE POSTION :Used to be leader of Super Junior-M
    | STAGE NAME: Hangeng / Hankyung


    | YOUR STORY: Han Geng is born in Mudanjiang, a city of Northern China, in February 1984. Only child, he was said by his mother to be a easy to live with little boy, understanding quite quickly what was allowed and what wasn’t. For example, one day, after being scowled by his mother for crossing the street since cars could have hit him, he decided to play traffic controller, wearing a child-size army uniform, so he could cross without being hit… quite bright! Funny enough, since drivers listened to him!

    Even if both his father and grandfather were soldiers, the young boy was destined for another path: at the young age of 6 he already loved to dance. He was barely 8 when he was accepted into the Dance Department of Minzu University (Eng: Central University for Nationalities). However, since he was too young to go to Beijing on his own at this age, he went only at the age of 13.

    On his own in the Chinese capital at such a young age, he never accepted help from his parents. It was the opposite, he sent money when he could, but he could barely afford himself a living. It was at university that he met the one who would become his best friend: Sun Le, who at first had the impression that, because of his small stature, Geng was a person who needed to be protected. The boys became best friends, despite their difference in ages.

    | RELATIONSHIPS: (Who do you know/like/hate...?)

    | HEIGHT:1m81
    | HOBBIES:


    | Do you want a Twitter? Twitter doesn’t work in China it’s Weibo: @hangeng
    | Do you want a Cyworld? He closed it.
    | Phone Number: ### #### #### (replace by numbers ; make it up)
    | Others?

    | Do you have your own house? Or do you live in a dorm? Has his own rented apartment in Beijing
    | If you have your own house, do you live with someone? Rong Rong and Long Long, his chinchillas

    THE END!

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Han Geng [inprogress]

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