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Kim Hee Chul
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PostSubject: KIM HEE CHUL - SUPER JUNIOR    Mon May 16, 2011 12:20 am



    | NAME: Hee Chul
    | D.O.B.: 07/10/1983
    | AGE: 27
    | PLACE OF BIRTH: Hoengseong, South Korea
    | ORIGINS: Korean
    | GROUP: [x] Idol [] Fan [] Agency's Staff Member [] Trainee [] Inhabitant
    | AGENCY: SM Entertainment

    | SOLO OR BAND ARTIST? Band artist
    | IF BAND, WHICH ONE? Super Junior & Super Junior-T
    | KIND OF MUSIC/ARTIST: K-Pop, but as a taste for Rock
    | IF BAND, THE POSTION : Moodmaker Vocal
    | STAGE NAME:Heechul (uses Heenim when he writes lyrics)


    | YOUR STORY: Baby of his family, Heechul had somewhat of a calm childhood. At school, his love of style made others so jealous of his clothes that they stole them. This created his strange sense of clothing... if people don't like what he wears, they wouldn't steal them.

    Industry discovered Heechul in 2002, when he joined auditions on a whim. Not an amazing singer nor a talented dancer even if he does like to dance, it's his face and his charisma that made him go through. After training, he had been planed to be part of a group named Four Seasons, along with Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho and Kim Youngwoon (Kangin). However, the formation of Dong Bang Shin Ki changed the plans. It was also around those times that Heechul made his first appearance on TV, in a drama. He also did some modelling.

    Three years after being selected, Heechul debuted as a singer in suposed to be rotational boy band Super Junior 05. He was suposed to be part of Super Junior 06, but the group became fixed with the addition of a member, Heechul being second oldest by only a few days. His appearances on TV get more and more frequent, he even does MCing.

    His path followed that of Super Junior, but some events happened, like his car accident in august 2006. The poor guy fractured his leg in 5 different places, and needed a metal bar in his leg for 2 years...

    Heechul's life is mostly being with his band, but he also do many things like musicals, dramas, radio DJ... However, in december 2009, something changed him greatly. His little protégé, follow band member Han Geng, his best friend, left the band. Heechul barricaded himself in his room for 3 months and since then, he's a lot more caring and keeps telling people to care for those who are close to him...

    | RELATIONSHIPS: Family is parents and older sister named Hee Jin. Close to his members (even if awkward with some, for example Eunhyuk). Founder of Chocoball / Joker's Ball, "association" of idols with the AB bloodtypes. Has so much influence in the Industry that he has the "Hee-line". Still in contact with former Super Junior member Han Geng

    | HEIGHT: 1m79
    | HOBBIES: Internet surfing, writing and drawing, reading...
    | LIKES & DISLIKES: Likes cats, girl bands, Kimchi fried rice, japanese music and style; and dislikes dogs, rain, crowded places and girls who show off their bellies


    | Do you want a Twitter? @heedictator
    | Do you want a Cyworld? http://www.cyworld.com/yuri9doo
    | Phone Number: 613 0909 1315
    | Others? Facebook (but it's Kim Hee Chul, we know he's EVERYWHERE)

    | Do you have your own house? Or do you live in a dorm? Super Junior dorms

    THE END!

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