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 The STAFF's intro'

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founder admin ♔ ze:a's dance machine
Ha Min Woo
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PostSubject: The STAFF's intro'   Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:34 pm

Korean Ent.'s Staff Members

The list & Descriptions :

Kiriss aka Ha Min Woo :: Forum's Founder, occasionally a graphist
Mizera aka Kim Hee Chul :: Admin, Perfectionist Heedictator LOL
xxxx aka xxxxx :: Admin & Graphist


Yuuna aka Yang Yoseob :: Global Moderator
xxxxx aka xxxxx :: Moderator 2
xxxxx aka xxxxx :: Moderator 3

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founder admin ♔ ze:a's dance machine
Ha Min Woo
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Join date : 2011-03-25

PostSubject: Re: The STAFF's intro'   Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:40 pm

Kiriss :: Founder

Hello Guys!
This is Kiriss, the founder of this forum. I got the idea because I'm a RPG addict haha. I thought it'd be cool for us to play our favorite artists, just like a fanfic, a living fanfiction.

I'm a 18-19 girl living in France.
I really like Japan & Korea, that's why I know this much about K-Pop.
I'm a bit crazy but nice, I really don't bite. Or then just for fun. You can ask me anything anytime, I'd try my best to answer the faster =)

I'll be playing Ha Min Woo from ZE:A / Children of Empire and maybe other stars to come ^w^
Please, have fun here~
Hope we will all be good friends =3
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Heedictator Admin
Kim Hee Chul
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PostSubject: Re: The STAFF's intro'   Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:52 pm

Mizera :: Back-up Admin

Hiya there folks!
This is Mizera, Kiriss' second in command. I just couldn't resist being part of such an amazing project... even if I'm uber busy! I'm already an hardcore roleplayer and fanfic writer, so why not?!

I'm 21, and living in Quebec Province, Canada... and for those who wonder, I'm a lady. I have been an Asian addict for as long as I can remember, and my ultimate bias is China (I wanted to go there when I was 2... and I still want to go). However, Kpop is my second life, so! Just like Kiriss, I'm crazy, not to say totally mad... but I can't guarantee that I don't bite. Don't hesistate to ask me for help, though! I'm mad, not savage.

Well, for someone who is as excentric as I can be, who else to interpret other than the one and only Super Junior's Kim Heechul?
Please have fun with us, and I hope to have the pleasure to roleplay with you all one day or another!
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Yang Yoseob
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PostSubject: Re: The STAFF's intro'   Fri May 13, 2011 5:24 pm

Yuuna :: Global Moderator

Annyeong!!~Hi all!!~ ^^
Wow, this is my first time taking part in such a big project, besides at FB~LOL~ Anyway, who would want to miss to be part of this project, i mean it's HUGE and we can get to know all of people!!~^^ (excuse me for using a lot of !!!, it just shows how excited i am~kekeke~xp)
Anyway, here's my profile ^^

Nickname: Yuuna

Country: Malaysia

Age: 19

Favorite color: Purple/White/Black

Favorite male idol: Beast/ 2PM/ Mblaq/ Shinee/ Cn.blue/Block B

Favorite girl idol: 2ne1/ Kara/ T-ara/ After School/ F(x)

Hobbies: surfing the internet,shopping, writing, cooking simple dishes

Likes: cats, going on vacation, making new friends, watching k-drama, OTP's

Dislikes: dogs and ANY KIND OF BUGS

Trivia: Have brush arms with Jiro and talk to Wuchun FRH, received an album from Kevin and heart shape hand from SeoHyun Ukiss during FM, witness Ukiss sleeping in a car, walk totally behind Kiseop Ukiss and was able to record him side by side the next day at the airport, managed to hear "fighting" from Doojun and handshake from Yoseob Beast at FM and received a smexy smirk from Junhyung,korean speaking from HyunSeung and high 5 from DooSeob the next day at the open FM. After that went for the Digi KPOP party and able to meet with 4minute,G.na and Beast, totally flirting with Yoseob at the tv recording the next day (by snapping picture non stop and shouting oppa,i LOVE you), able to meet Beast manager too at the TV station and stalk them at the airport the next morning around 3.20 AM. Beast Doojun takes the present bag that i give for them. Currently waiting to turn on my stalk mode for 2am, Ukiss and said to be BEAST (*DIES*)

Others: I will playing the role as Yang Yoseob. I'm quite shy around new people but i will try my best~~ ^^ If i meet someone that is talkative, i will listen and i will be talkative if i meet the quiet ones. Well, no one wants to be in a awkward situation right? ><. If you guys got any questions you can just ask me ^^ I won't bite, my teeth is not that sharp, well i think~kekeke~

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PostSubject: Re: The STAFF's intro'   

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The STAFF's intro'

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